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Buying price1BNB


The NFT style in the style diagram is for reference only, and the specific style is the automatically generated NFT style when you received.
Collection value

5,000 limited-edition NFTs only.

NFT holders can claim more than 60 billion 4JNET tokens.

NFT holders will enjoy a reduction of 3% service charge.

NFT holders can trade NFTs freely, and the interests will be transferred along with NFTs.


4JNET will be open for exchange on December 1, 2021. If the NFT is sold out in advance, the countdown will be updated to 72 hours.

4JNET's initial transaction fee is 90%.

For each transaction, current transaction fee will become: current transaction fee *0.999

Transaction fee is reduced to 10% at most.

Among the transaction fee, 6% is used as dividend; the remaining part will be sold and repurchased to liquidity.

The initial liquidity certificate added by us will be transferred to the black hole.verify

Auditing Agency



The license is highly recognized across the world as a pass of crypto currency.
CertiK is a world-leading blockchain network security company specializing in auditing the security and fairness of smart contract.
Raise propaganda and operation funds, enhance the competitiveness of early investors, and guarantee decentralization of 4JNET tokens.
Liquidity certificate is blocked into black hole to ensure fairness and fund security.
Contract rights are blocked into black hole so that no one can change signed contracts and ensure their security.
4JNET debuts and we’ll try every means to maintain the decentralization of 4JNET tokens.

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